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Dry Bulk Container Liners

Container liners are used in number of different dry bulk applications in shipping containers and Bulk Shipping of the various commodities. Goods are loaded into the container liner with existing equipment. No further packaging is required since the container liners are fully sealed and are made from food grade heavy duty polyethylene. Container liners enable shippers to transport containerized goods in a protected manner.

There are mainly two types of container liners; polyethylene liners and polypropylene liners. Polyethylene container liners are generally used in packing of dry bulk goods such as chemicals, mining materials, construction materials, fish, agriculture products, sugar, cement etc. Polypropylene container liners are used in packing of food and food related products.

container liner

Venpack is a Bangalore based manufacturers of dry bulk container liners. Our liners protect products from contamination and environmental hazard. We use superior grade raw materials to manufacture these liners and they are dimensionally very precise & accurate. We do not compromise on quality of the products and services given to customer. We export our products to all major countries.

Kindly visit our website to find out more about our services.

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