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Diesel Generators in Bangalore

In a country like India, where power fluctuations are very frequent, having an alternative power supply is a must requisite especially for industry, business and office establishments. When we say alternative power supply, the next immediate thing which comes to our mind is power generators.

Diesel Generators have been backbone of Indian economy since many years. The whole Indian industrial sectors depend on diesel power supply for smooth run. Diesel Generators have become essential part of industry in India. The amount of power required depends on the size of the industry. diesel generators

While choosing the diesel generators one need to do some ground work like power capacity required, installation, noise, durability and engine life. Now a days silent generator is very famous in market. Fuel efficiency is another important factor to be considered.

Nandi Power Generators based in Bengaluru, Karnataka; has been engaged in manufacturing of silent diesel generators of sonalika brand. Their diesel generators have the features like ultra low noise, fuel efficiency, better engine life, lesser lubrication oil consumption and less maintenance. They supply the diesel generators of power capacity from 7.5 KVA - 62.5 KVA. They have nearly two decades of experience in the field and have served numerous industries.

For business inquiries you can contact them at their website

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