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Silicone transparent tubes have all the properties essential for transporting edible fluids

Date: 22-Jul-2017

Food processing and packaging market have tremendous growth prospects in India. Experts say that it is still at a very primitive stage as compared to the developed countries. The phenomenal increase in the agriculture production (and the promising trends) shows that it is the right time to start a food processing unit.

Food grade silicone transparent tube is required in a food industry to carry liquids in the manufacturing unit. Since these platinum cured translucent tubes are especially designed for carrying edible stuff, they are in high demand.

Other than food and beverage industry, they are required in laboratories, pharmaceutical units, bioprocess manufacturing and several other environments.

Their capability of withstanding high temperatures and availability in different wall thicknesses and diameters make then inseparable part of food processing unit. The pipes are available from .5mm to 25mm or more internal diameter.

Benefits of silicone tube

Food grade silicone transparent tube brings a plethora of advantages. Platinum cured tubes add great value to your manufacturing unit.

• They prevent yellowing of the inner surface.
• They do not have peroxide by-products.
• These tubes offer higher tear strength and glossy finish.
• They offer good clarity and durable service.
• Silicone tubes are highly hydrophobic.
• They are approved as food grade pipes by authorities.

Silicone tubes are used because they are highly biocompatible and do not affect the taste of transported fluids. They can be operated in a wide range of temperatures. Due to excellent resistance against ozone, radiation, weather; silicone tubes are the perfect suitable tubes for food industry.


The Food grade silicone transparent tube has a few limitations like they are not suitable for organic solvents, oils and strong acids and bases. They have a relatively high permeability of gases. However, these situations hardly ever arise in a food manufacturing unit.

What is all desired from tubing in a food unit? The tubes should withstand high temperature. They should not transfer the odor and color to the food stuff. They should not get deteriorated fast by the surrounding factors. Most importantly, they should be non-toxic.

Thankfully, silicone tubes fulfill all these basic criteria, and that makes it the ideal tubing solution. Some people find these tubes costlier than other material. However, it proves economical in the long run.

Specifications can be given to pipe manufacturers if the required size is different from the standard dimensions.

Choose an appropriate Food grade silicone transparent tube which will be suitable for any type of industry like food, electrical, medical, and automotive etc.

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