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Perforated Sheets

Perforated sheet (also known as perforated metal) is made from the metal stamping and sheet metal manufacturing process. Sheet metal materials include steel, aluminium, Galvanized Iron, stainless steel, mild steel, bronze, brass, copper, titanium etc. Perforated sheets are available in different patterns, hole sizes, margins and blank areas.

The applications of perforated sheets are many and wider. They are used from lightweight decorative elements to load-bearing structural components; perforated sheets offer unique opportunities to combine strength, functionality and beauty.

Round Hole, Square Hole, Hexagonal Pattern, Slotted-Rounded Ends and Decorative Perforated finishes are all available with a wide variety of pitches and sheet sizes. Perforated metal requires very limited maintenance. Transparency, lightness or permeability together with resistance have led to the perforated sheets most essential entity in the industries.

SR Perforators is a well established Manufacturers and Suppliers of Metal Perforated Sheets. We keep on upgrading our products as per the latest technological advancements. Our comprehensive range of Metal Perforated Sheets comprises of Stainless Steel Perforated Sheets, Aluminium Perforated Sheets, MS and GI Perforated Sheets. At present we are one of the top perforated sheet manufacturers in India. Sheets of different sizes, slots, patters are available with us. Developed around metallic perforated sheets and wire mesh technology, SR Perforators has listened to the demands of our clients and developed a stock range to be able to almost all requirements. You can find more about our products in our website

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