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The festive season is on, are you ready for the new arrivals of customized T shirts?

Date: 18-Sep-2016

The second half of the year is full of celebration and joy. There are festivals one after another and you have several occasions to buy interesting stuff in the conventional market or online. With the emergence of big Ecommerce outlets, it is possible to pick phenomenal stuff on the Internet. Several sales and special offers are there to make the purchase cost-effective and interesting. Nowadays, Online store of customized T shirts bring loads of choices for customers. You can pick from innumerable choices of styles, colors, functionality, and fabric.

Though you get variety stuff online, always pick the best

With the availability of Online store of customized T shirts, shopping becomes a matter of a few clicks. However, you should be cautious while making the selection. Choose the best fabric, pattern, and design to buy something exclusive. Which fabric should be the best for T Shirts? Well, it is your personal preference. While some people love cotton fabric, some prefer synthetic one. Here is a brief comparison:


Since it is the natural fabric, you feel it comfy and cozy in summers as well as winters. It is highly absorbent, and therefore, it is the right choice for those who indulge in physical activities more. Cotton is soft to touch and soothing to the skin. It is possible to customize it in several ways to make it adorable and beautiful. However, there is a word of caution. You need to maintain it properly. Wash the fabric before it gets spoiled excessively and iron it to avoid wrinkles.


It is a synthetic fiber which is easy to clean and maintain. You don't need heavy ironing because it doesn't get wrinkles. However, it is not suitable in scorching summers because they are less absorbent than cotton. As far as customization is concerned, you get several varieties of it while browsing an Online store of customized T shirts.

Blended Fabrics

Cotton gets blended with all types of fibers. Therefore, you have a long list of fabrics of several proportions. Quality, durability, and comfort of the fabric depend on the proportion of cotton and other thread.

Every occasion is the right occasion to buy a funky T Shirt. The apparel has made an impressive impression in the world of style and fashion. Today, it is no longer a casual wear but a style statement. All big names in the garment industry offer several ranges of T Shirts from economic to exclusive.

There are numerous online stores for customized T shirts in India. They offer variety of brands, designs, collections with personalization option as per our ideas.

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