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Types of Apps Promotion - App store SEO

Date: 25-June-2014

App Store Optimization is nothing but the art of getting discovered on an App Store. As an app developer, you shouldn't really be alien to this term. Just as you would explore possibilities of keyword optimization for visibility on web, there are specific techniques to be explored for similar visibility on App store as well. ASO is one of the crucial techniques to grab attention in the thriving mobile marketing arena.

Here is a brief rundown on the benefits of one of the major Types of Apps Promotion - App store SEO. Make sure that you are going through the same in a bid to learn about this invincible strategy going on to take the online search world by storm in the coming years.

In the wake of the rising number of apps every day, developers are finding it increasingly difficult to make themselves found. The App stores had primarily been introduced to help developers discover their apps. However, these stores are not as effective in this respect as they used to be when the tablets and smart phones were launched in the year 2008.

Now it requires a great deal of research, planning along with the fundamental understanding of search terms used by potential clients, to get discovered. Effective ASO effort involves:

1. Description optimization for various Android and iOS devices

2. Choice of keywords for high and low competition—( Keyword optimization is highly influenced by the category that you choose for your app--- a relevant category –viz gaming, weather etc—is an absolute essential in ASO)

3. App Title optimization (this works as the introduction of your app to your potential user base--- make sure that you are working on an enticing name that will catch their attention fast thereby inspiring them to download the same—look how the established app builders have worked in this regard)

4. Keyword localization for apps

5. Discovering keywords used by competitors

Off store app optimization includes

1. Reviews and Ratings for your app
2. Download speed or volume
3. Back links
4. Social Share

ASO serves as an incredible platform whereby the key product pages are enhanced by ensuring that the elements are clear, conceivable and creative. This is the right approach to do away with vagueness regarding your offering and makes it stand out in a list view. It boosts quick comprehension and brand recall along with bolstering conversions with the help of suggestions and screenshots.

Optimizemyapps team offers best app store seo techniques for your apps, to be visible in App Stores.

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